What Clients Say About Milestones

Without caring there can be no quality

“Capturing Grace as you did in this manuscript was not an easy task.You took the separate realities of six devoted and loving adult children and wove a lovely quilt of many threads. Her themes and her essence shine through. I love your style and the respectful way you handled even some of the silly or sensitive memories. We so appreciated the historical context that you provided, which brings her story to life in a very real way.This will be so important to the next generation.”
~ Nancy H. – Madison, WI

“Quite honestly, the final product is so much better – and so much richer – than I had ever imagined. And that is due to you. I am sure that my family will be as thrilled and as appreciative as I am."
~ John R. – Chicago, IL

“Thank you for encouraging my mother to share her stories as a young girl escaping the Nazis in her native Poland. I know she was hesitant but we needed them to be preserved and you did it with sensitivity."
~ Susan F. – Palm Springs, CA

“My grandmother, a former radio actress, was approaching her 85th birthday. We knew it was important for her to tell the story of her life before it was too late; working with you she immediately became enthusiastic about the project. Though she died in 2007, thankfully her children and grandchildren have a book in her own voice that vividly captures the details of her rich and colorful life.”
~ Matthew T. – Princeton, NJ

“My father’s life has been one of hard work building a business. Because so much of his story was intertwined with the company, we wanted to have a book that told the entire story. Your experience in writing personal histories and company histories proved invaluable in the process. We are very grateful.”
~ Peter J. – New York, NY