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Tell your life story in your words. Milestones will turn it into a professionally edited, hard cover book complete with photos and memorabilia.

How Do You Want Your Family to Remember You? Start by Telling Them Your Life Story.

Preserve your memories.  It’s the most treasured gift you can give your family.

Your Life Is A Story That Deserves to Be Told as Only You Can Tell It!

Bonnie Bell, MSJ, M.Ed, memoir writer and founder of Milestones is a published journalist skilled in the art of interviewing. Based in Indian Wells, CA, Bonnie has more than 20 years experience in writing biographies as a correspondent for People Magazine.

Memoir Writing Services in Rancho Mirage, CA

  • Rancho Mirage Personal Histories in print, audio and video format
  • Rancho Mirage Memoirs or Ghostwriting Autobiographies
  • Rancho Mirage Family Genealogy Research
  • Rancho Mirage Family Business Histories
  • Ghostwritten Memoirs

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