You deserve a professional when writing the story of your life. Milestones, the Gift of a Lifetimea boutique memoir writing service, will guide you through the process.

Based in New Preston, CT, Milestones, the Gift of a Lifetime, was founded in 2002 by a former writer or People Magazine. As a result, she and her team understand how clients want to express themselves. Above all, they provide you with the personal attention you deserve when telling your life story.

What We Do

In a series of guided conversations, Milestones traces the journey of your life from your ancestors and origins through career and family.

The Result

A custom-designed written in your voice, that preserves the stories, the people and the events that shaped your life. Additionally, photos, documents and memorabilia interspersed throughout, bring your story to life.

Children and grandchildren will delight in having a tangible link to their family's history.

Let's Talk!

At no obligation, we will walk you through the processanswer any questions you may have, and provide you with an estimate of time and cost involved.

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