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The North Pole       “About halfway back to Eureka the co-pilot climbed over us and
Lake Hazen           opened one of the fuel drums; he put a hose in it and pumped gas
                     into the wing to make sure we had enough fuel to make it back—not
                     your usual FAA procedure.”
                     We stopped at Eureka for fuel and then flew to Grise Fiord
                     (Devon Island), the northernmost Inuit settlement in the
                     world. The temperature was 32 degrees below zero Celsius
                     when we landed and the wind chill factor took the temperature
                     down to 85 degrees below zero!
                     We were at Grise Fiord for two days snowmobiling to one other
                     small town on the island. Our trip to the village was with the wind
                     at our

                      Dogsledding in Grise Fiord
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