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“Three fathers” chasing their baby        At Cape Rosa, on the south shore of South Georgia, we took Zodiacs
                                          ashore at King Haakon Bay where Ernest Shackleton beached his
                                          boat, the James Caird, after a grueling voyage from Elephant Island.
                                          The nearest whaling station was on the north coast across the island’s
                                          treacherous, ice covered, mountainous terrain. Shackleton had no
                                          choice but to attempt a crossing on foot.

                                          With wood screws from the lifeboat punched through the soles of
                                          their boots in order to get traction on glaciers and ice falls, Shackleton
                                          and his men with only a few days’ provisions hiked nearly 30 miles
                                          over rugged glacier peaks to the north coast. Initially they went
                                          down the wrong valley and had to climb back up to the ridgeline and
                                          continue their trek to civilization.

                                          After 36 hours they arrived at Stromness whaling station, the first
                                          sign of civilization they had seen in seventeen months. Interestingly,

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