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“Lapland was one of our tougher expeditions with the Malotts—          Bob had left his passport in the hotel in Finland and we had three
camping in lavvus, dog mushing across the frozen Arctic all day long,  borders to cross. The first border we came to we had to hide him under
joining a reindeer migration. At night we had to put the dogs down     the back seat of the bus. It turns out we didn’t need passports going from
and anchor them into the snow. One of our dog handlers who fed the     Finland to Norway, as when we arrived at that border on snowmobiles,
dogs each night had a unique way of handling them when one dog         we simply had to lift a barbed-wire fence, sign in, and close the fence
was misbehaving. The handler pulled the animal toward him and          behind us. The officers at the third crossing didn’t request our
just bit off his ear! The dog was yelping like crazy but wasn’t any    passports.”
trouble for the rest of the trip.
                                                                       One night during our Lapland safari I asked Ann if she was enjoying
                                                                       the trip. She replied, “Yes, immensely. Why do you ask?” I
                                                                       said because Peter and Shirley are surely losing money on this
                                                                       terrific adventure and they will undoubtedly never do it again.
                                                                       And in fact they never have.

Norway-Finland Boarder                                                                                            Outhouse at the border
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