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Chapter 1:
         A M i dw e s t c h i ld h o o d

Copenhagen, August 2002
Looking up at the 200-year-old apartment building that was my father’s
home for the first seventeen years of his life, I couldn’t help wondering
what thoughts went through his mind when as a young man just out of
high school he left home to make his way in America. Nor could I help
thinking about how far I had come in my life due in part to this seri-
ous, hardworking man. I was seventy-seven years old, retired chairman
of three Fortune 500 companies, a former director of seven New York
Stock Exchange companies, a member of the board and contributor to
numerous philanthropic organizations, and here I was for the first time
visiting my father’s homeland.

Barbara and I had been on a month-long cruise on the Baltic Sea when
we left the ship and detoured to Denmark to explore my ancestral roots.
We were met by my cousin, Steen Kreutzfeldt Jensen, and his wife,
Bodil. Steen, who had been a banker in Saudi Arabia and Dubai before
returning to Denmark for good, took us on a walking tour of Copen-
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