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At the outset, Looking Back was intended to be a book about the stories
I’ve told around the dinner table talking to Erik and Curtis. A subject
would come up and I would expand on it. They would get a kick out of
my response and say, “Dad, you should write that down.”
As I looked through the manuscript it occurred to me that I may be ac-
cused of name-dropping but that isn’t the case. All of the people I speak
of were good friends, colleagues and business associates.
Another stroke of luck: during my life I was able to be associated with
people far more intelligent that I was and I learned a great deal by lis-
tening. As a matter of fact, I really never learned anything while I was
I have also been urged (or perhaps I should use a stronger word) to look
back and write this story by my wonderful wife, Barbara, and daughter-
in-law Beth, who along with Bonnie Bell were relentless. It never would
have been finished without them. And for that I thank them.
I dedicate this book to my sons, Erik and Curtis, who have given me so
much happiness over the years. They are the proudest legacy of my life.
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