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in this smaller group were as old as he.

         When Dad slipped out of his terrestrial life, he had lived
through a century of the greatest changes in human history. At age
three he crossed the Atlantic in a sailing ship and took the new steam
trains across half of the continent to Nebraska, where his family
started out in a sod house and began to plow the virgin prairie just
made available by the killing of buffalo and the driving of Indians onto
prisons called reservations. From only an occasional communication
with the outside world, he experienced the magical insertion into his
life of electricity, telegraph, telephone, radio and television. He was
born at the time of horse and buggy and witnessed the advent of the
automobile, plane and rocket to the moon and planets. Through all
of this came one revolution after another: industrial, labor, civil right
and women’s right. Wars migrated from the destructive force of rifle
and dynamite through the escalation of fire power to the atomic and
hydrogen bombs. From scratching a new life of promise out of the
prairie soil he saw us travel to where that promise is threatened with
toxic pollution and obliteration by nuclear holocaust. Did he leave just
in time, or dare we too still feel the same promise of a new and greater
life as he felt when he turned the fertile prairie soil.

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