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insight to infuse the body with the natural healing force of nature.
Meditation was an essential element of the last. Just as he found the
doctors to be ignorant and unhelpful, so also he found educators and
clergymen equally obtuse in their lack of understanding of the essen-
tial ingredients of life.

         None of his contemporaries were around to help him celebrate
his one-hundredth birthday on March 28, 1981 at the Schowalter Villa,
Hesston, Kansas. Could it be that he, after years of being a semi-inval-
id, had stumbled on the correct formula for the fountain of youth?

         At ninety-four and ninety-five, Dad took one- and two-mile
walks. When he was nearly ninety he proposed marriage to a widow at
least forty years his junior. On one of our visits when he was ninety-
five we were walking through a muddy area after a rain when Dad
slipped on a piece of wood. He quickly caught his balance as deftly as
a thirty-year old would. He drove his car until he was about ninety and
then decided that he really ought to give it to us, to our relief, though he
had never been in an accident. After giving up driving he never lacked
friends who gladly drove him to Newton or other places he wished
to visit. Several times one of his friends drove him to the airport in
Wichita to pick me up.

         On one occasion in his nineties when my wife Anne Ruth and
I were visiting him, we walked past a smaller dining area in Schowalter
Villa on our way to the central dining room. We asked him why he
did not eat with the smaller group. With impatience in his voice he re-
sponded, “That’s where the old people eat.” As it turned out, very few

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