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         Late in life Dad declared that he had healed himself. A life
of ill health, nerve troubles and heart impairment had been his lot.
Now he was certain that he had put together mind and body into that
creative relationship that brings both health and spiritual insight. His
wrecked physical health he attributed to a bout with typhoid fever,
which he had contracted on his parents’ farm in Wisner, Nebraska,
when he was a young man in his late twenties. Doctors who had ex-
amined him after his nervous breakdown 1920 could not find anything
organically wrong with him. They found his heart slightly enlarged and
called that compensation for the effects of typhoid. For Dad, these
reports served only to convince him that the medical profession was
grossly incompetent and could not be trusted with a person’s health.

         With doctors rejected and no psychiatrists as yet available, Dad
was left to his own devices. His healing formula evolved over the years
to include four elements: first was the discovery of special healing
foods; the second, proper elimination; third, regular exercise and deep
breathing; and finally, the continuous search for the truth and spiritual

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