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Miss Kutschenreuter


After secretarial school, Grace took a job in the           palate! Besides,
       emergency room at Milwaukee County Hos-
pital.The work was eye opening for someone who              she couldn’t help
had lived a fairly sheltered life, but Grace reveled in
the excitement of a city hospital. Later, to the horror     but be flattered
of her children, she would describe in graphic detail
some of the cases that arrived in the ER, including         by the attention
the patient who came in with an arrow through his
                                                            of the ambulance
Outside the “cleaning shed” at Post Lake
                                                            drivers who vied

                                                            for the opportu-

                                                            nity to drive the

                                                            beautiful Miss


                                                            home at night.     With childhood friend, Katherine King

                                                            In 1941 Grace

                                                            was 24 years old and still living at home on Kavana-

                                                            ugh Place. Yearning for excitement, she persuaded

                                                            her parents to allow her to go to Post Lake unsuper-

                                                            vised. In good weather, she and her friends would

                                                            travel by train to Green Bay. There Grace’s child-

                                                            hood friend Katherine King, whose family had a

                                                            lake cabin, would board, and the group would travel

                                                            together to Post Lake. It was in those North Woods,

                                                            surrounded by tall pines and clear lakes, that Grace

                                                            felt most alive and uninhibited. She and her friends

                                                            would swim, fish, listen to music, or read on the

                                                            dock. Riding bicycles, they would venture into the

                                                            countryside, stopping to sip a beer or two at a local


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