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Grace Ann Miller

German Ancestors


Grace Ann Miller had the good fortune to                     days across the cold Atlantic from Bremen, Germa-
        witness monumental progress in one century           ny. The little boy was accompanied by his young
and to gain an inkling of what would come in the             mother, Wilhelmina, and his three brothers: Franz,
next. She saw diseases like polio and measles eradi-         age eight; Wilhelm, age seven; and Hermann, only
cated, artificial hearts implanted in humans, and in-        one month old.Two brothers, Fredrich and George,
sulin introduced to reduce suffering from diabetes.          would be born within a few years.They stepped off
She saw the introduction of such everyday conve-             the SS Dresden into a new world already bustling
niences as frozen food, high speed travel, and digital       with immigrants like themselves.
communications, as well as the discovery of nuclear
reaction and the exploration of outer space.                   The Kutschenreuters were arriving at the tail end
                                                             of a decade of German emigration to America. Over
  Those 20th century breakthroughs could hardly              1.5 million people made the long trip from the for-
have been imagined when August Fredrich                      ests of Bavaria and the factories of Prussia to a new
Kutschenreuter arrived at the Port of Baltimore on           life in America’s upper Midwest.The efficiencies of
April 16, 1890. Four years old, August was wide-             19th century industrialization having rendered their
eyed and weary after a steamship voyage of seven             old-world crafts obsolete, and with land scarce, the

                          August Fredrick  Wilhelm Friedrich Kutschenreuter  Friedrich Kutschenreuter
                          Kutschenreuter       Wilhelmina Kutschenreuter     Augustine Wilhelmina Faber
Grace Barbara
Kutschenreuter                             Joseph Kohler     John Kohler
                         Grace Theresa     Katherine Kastel  Mary or Kathy Trimmer
                                                                                      Viet Kastel
                                                                                      Katherina Hammerschmidt

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